Hey, I'm having trouble even starting with this.
I am currently trying to use uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4a and all I get is a grey mac screen stating I need to restart the computer , hit power or reset. This just gets me in circles! Using F8 I enter -v, -s etc but then I get a long list that I'm not familiar with staring at me for eternity! I know windows inside out but I'm a bit of a Mac newbie. If my answer lies in the text I recieve from -v . Then can someone PLEASE explain how to decifer it or what to look for? I'm dedicated to getting this running.

Sys specs:
NorthBridge: AMD 690v Chipset
SouthBridge: SB600 Chipset
1000mHz FSB
AMD 64x2 6000 3gHz
2Gb DDR2 667
Ati Radeon
40Gb Seagate IDE HDD (sacrificial)

I have previously tried 10.4.9 v1.3 but didn't even get the reboot screen. Just the same/similar list as I get now with -v.

Thanks in advance any help or suggestions would be much appreciated