A friend of mine wanted to get a desktop Mac setup at home. I've setup a few of my own tweak machines, but never anything for real stability. She will be doing extensive photo and video editing on this (Think CS3, Final Cut, Aperature etc.) So i'd like this to be rock solid and provide good enough performance to justify a new PC purchase. I stumbled across a pc webshop called AscendTech. They've got some Intel barebones builders (AMD too but for this i ilike intel).
I've run through the HCL Lists on the osx86 forum and I've been able to put together a few nearly 100% compatible PCs on this site for UNDER $300. (Shipping will vary) This includes QE/CI capable graphics (A prerequisite for her)

Well here is where the critique of hardware support comes into play.

Here is a Core 2 Duo machine as follows.
(Details available at the builders site)

Machine Specs.

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E2160
MotherBoard - Intel D945Gcl (On HCL received Almost out of box performance, and Full features with tweak of video)
The following are on board from the Intel® 945G Express Chipset
Intel GMA950 (With QE/CI Support tested up to 1650x910(?))
Sigmatel 9220 on board (Dunno about 5.1 but i'm ok with 2 channel)
Lan works with On board Intel 82562G

Rest of the pc comes with
250gb hard drive 7200rpm (SATA)
1GB DDR2 PC2-4200 (533mhz)
DVD burner (Speed?)
Basic beige box case
Power Supply (Wattage?)

And it's pre-assembled, Depends on who you are, but personally i don't get some sadistic satisfaction of opening all the boxes myself, cutting your fingers on the plastic, and sitting hunched over on the carpet for an hour coercing cables to play nicely.... Haha they can throw it together for me i'll just have to double check it before i turn it on

Being that she will be doing photo/video stuff i'd like a nicer graphics card perhaps, just so happens the site has the option to upgrade to a "Ati Radeon 256mb X600 Pro Dual Dvi" for $45.99 (Not too shabby). Even without the upgrade the Intel gma950 on board will get them by with QE/CI support just not spectacular performance, and offers a PCI-E port for the future expenditure. The ram takes up to 4gb in 2 slots, too bad in order to max it out those 2gb sticks are pricey. Its micro-ATX. Call me a sucker for size but i can get more creative for casing with a smaller footprint PC. As far as the not included crap like keyboard, screen, etc, he has those items, or i have plenty of spares. As i imagine a lot of people have those types of items already, especially if replacing an existing PC.

Well i'd like people to take a look at this machine and other configurations on that site and see what they can build in the low budget arena for Hackintosh machines. Let me know if my configuration here approaches the +-95% hardware compatability. I know there are certainly other configurations people have thats great but i'm curious about this particular setup anyone have experience with this hardware?