Yesterday, I downloaded the updates from Apple for iLife and the EFI update.

All the other updates seemed fine, and then a dialog box came up saying to let the machine shut down totally, then to hold the power button down until the sleep light started flashing and/or there was a tone. (this is for the EFI update).

All of this I did and the machine duly flashed and beeped as expected. However, thats when things went tits up.

Now when I power up, there is no chime. And no video at all...Either through the laptop screen or external monitor. There is hard drive activity though and interestingly enough, when I type my login password, the hard drive responds as if it were logging me in. Also, when I briefly push the power button (which should bring up the shut down dialog) and then press return, the machine powers down.

I have done the PRAM thing, (Apple, option, P & R), tried booting from the startup disk, burned a firmware reflashing disk from Apples support pages and nothing has worked.

Thankfully, I can start the machine in target mode so I was able to get my work off it. But before I take it back to the shop to be repaired....Does anybody else have any suggestions as to what I might try to get things back to normal?