Hey there all, I have been wondering for some time now since my iMac display started getting these vertical lines of stuck pixels if it is possible to move the components inside the iMac into a tower case, run the computer from the tower and have the main display be an external monitor. That means obviously that I would remove the internal LCD screen all together.

I've spent some time searching the web and have seen this process be done but not with the 2006 plastic white model which I intend to do this with. Theoretically since the hardware is all staying the same, just being moved into a new place, this method should work. My only question is will the computer still boot even though its going to detect that the internal LCD isn't attached anymore?

I would just like to gather thoughts and any information I can regarding this process before I make my decision. I have a buddy that is more than knowledgable when it comes to computers. He's more of a PC guy, so he says as long as the components can fit into a case, it should work... SHOULD being the keyword there. I know Apple products can be tricky.

Thanks for all the help, its greatly appreciated,