hi everyone.

my bro wanted me to build him a hackintosh. i never had any trouble building a hackintosh for 10.5 leopard, but now with snow leopard available we wanted to know what system components to go for to make a stable perfectly working snow leopard 10.6 hackintosh without much fuss or hastle.

we have backed up our retail 10.6 dvd which ready for a usb install method and wanted to know whats best to use for that (kexts etc...

i know there are mobo patch installers out there (UD3 for example), but i was wondering if going for the UD5 would be any different in spec. i beleve the UD3 patch is working great for users of this m/b.

i currently use a UD5 EX58 myself, but am having trouble with snow leopard booting... and most recently even installing.

should i go for the UD3? or are there better m/b out there?

he needs a powerful system with good workstation graphics support for adobe software and cinema 4d

thank you