Ok I got over a Power Mac G5 case very cheap (20) and now I want to build a cheap budget hackint0sh in it so now I'm asking which motherboards, gpus should I choose so that works perfectly without much modification to Mac OS X, I guess what cpu, hdd and memory I choose doesn't matter much. It's mainly just going to be a surf, music and extra computer since I already got a Intel Core2Quad Q6600@3,8Ghz, dual G92 GPU, 8GB 1200MHz Mushkin ram, 4 Monitors (7200x1080 resolution) and 6TB hdd (2x2TB and 2x1TB) as my main desktop and got a MacBook Pro June 2009 for portable stuff.

I'm mainly making this computer cause I want to create a perfect pretty much hassle free hackint0sh (had a AMD and a laptio hackint0sh before which didn't work to perfect and hassle free) and because I've always wanted to build a hackint0sh in a G5 case, I'm thinking on building a i7 hackint0sh in the same case in the future but not sure.