I wanted to buy a macmini sometimes ago, but since they increased the price so drastically I'm considering a hackintosh solution.
I'll use this for artistic installations involving sound
so I have pretty specific needs:
-it needs to be very quiet
-it needs to be very stable
-it needs to have a firewire port for the sound interface (or a pci slot at least to add a compatible and stable fw card working)
-preferably smaller than a standard atx tower
-and of course it needs to be a lot cheaper than the actual macmini price (that's the point), preferably under 400$
As for the other specs, i don't need anything fancy, a similar configuration to a macmini or even a little less is fine, and I don't care about video performances.
Do you think there could be a good solution for me or is it better to search for a second hand macmini (too bad, it was the most elegant solution for the job)?
I'm not expecting everything chewed but there's a very big database to search from so a few pointers would be hepful.