Hi there,

I just have a question and perhaps someone could give me some advice.

I think i might of damaged my simcard reader within the iphone when pulling out the simcard holder with some force after not being able to get it out. This happened when I left the turbosim in the simcard holder by itself.

The result of this stupid action is that i basically have an Itouch because my iphone says NO SIM when i enter a sim card. I have tried a few which i consequently tried on a different regular phone and they work.

Now what i believe what has happened is that some of the contact pins that normally touch the simcard are bend or not touching it anymore. Of course im not sure but this seems like the most logical event.

What i want to do is try and see if i can fix this. I would be enormously grateful if perhaps someone would be able to give me a few pointers or tips as to how to achieve this.

It is of course also possible that i am completely wrong and someone else has encountered a similar problem and knows a solution.

However i would like to hear your thoughts on this.