Gigabyte M61PME-2SP
AMD Athlonx2 240 2.81Ghz
2GB RAM(Kingston)
320GB SATA HDD(Sea Gate)
(40GB IDE HDD[Sea Gate])
512MB Nvidia GeForce 9400GT

I already have iATKOS_v2.0i DVD. i tried it to install many times, one time, it proceed to 1st window of setup . but theres a error, it says to theres no partition could be install the OS. and please reboot or use the utility. i forgot the exactly error.

I have 2 partitions now. XP in my 1st partition and my backup of my files in 1st partition in 2nd partition.I want to make a dual-boot and i have IDE HDD. can i install in it the OS?

Thanks in advance for the help.