Hi im a hackintosh noob wanting to build a hackintosh to run logic studio with . I am currently running an amd system with windows 7 x64. I have a phenom II 940 black edition processor with a asrock 790gx motherboard. I understand this combination will not work so ive decided to purchase a cheap core 2 duo processor - e6600 and a gigabyte motherboard. Ive heard the gigabyte motherboards are the best for hackintoshes are there any gigabyte boards suitable for hackintoshes that support ddr2 memory other than the one ive listed below , perhaps ATX instead of mini? I plan to run my studio monitors off my native instruments audio 8 usb sound card. Are there many people running logic on there setups?, for me this is the only reason im considering building a hackintosh. Ive had a look at this motherboard Gigabyte GA-G31M-ESL2 it appears to be a micro atx board would this be any good for what im wanting to do or will i have to go more high end. I have a bunch of vst instruments e.g- (Native instruments - komplete) that i use quite extensively. Basically i want to build a setup for logic and id love to build a known working rig first time.