Okay so I recently installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and it works great except for audio from my speakers. I have downloaded a few files, and did searching, but was unable to resolve my speaker sound issue. I do have a USB Headset that works, but if I use those and say watch a video on YouTube.. When my screen is on the video I get a popping/cracking noise in my headphones. When I direct my screen to the desktop or away from the video the crackling/popping seems to die down.
I had no idea what my audio drivers were, but I think I know now.. lol

Anyhow ive tryed many solutions around the forums and am unable to fix the speakers, and I did not find anything about USB Headset recieving popping/cracking noises.. I did not use my headset to listen to iTunes to test if its just audio in general, but all I know is that the audio sounded fine when the video was not on my screen :S..

My Specs:

OSX Version: 10.5.2 Leopard

Builder: Kalyway?

Desktop/Laptop: Dekstop

Prebuilt: Yes

If prebuilt add the infos, otherwise fill Mainboard area)
Manufacturer: Intel
Model: D945GTP

Installation Methods: Kalyway from DVD

(In this section, which you do not know how to write "unknown")
Mainboard Area
Manufacturer: Intel
Model: D945GTP
Chipset: Intel 82945G
BIOS version: NT94510J.86A.4092.2007.0903.0307
Revision: unknown
BIOS options: Default BIOS
Onboard Audio Chipset: Intel(R) Azalia Audio Device
Onboard Audio Patches:
Work Line In, Line Out, Mic: All work
Onboard Network Card/Chipset: Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network (Ethernet, 100mbps)
Onboard Network Patches: intel pro 100 ve driver copy.pkg
Onboard Network Works: Yes
SATA Devices: All SATA works
IDE Devices: Unkown (Works I believe..)

Processor Area
Manufacturer / Processor Model: Intel Pentium 4
Velocity: 3.07GHz
Recognized in System Profiler as: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
Need Patched AppleSMBIOS.kext: Yes (I think..)

Video Card Area
Device connection: PCI Express
NVIDIA/ATI/Intel/Other? NVidia
Model (chipset): NV84
RAM Memory: 256MB
Manufacturer / ID: Nvidia 8600 GTS
Patches: NVinstaller v.41
QE/CI (Quartz Express/Core Image): Unknown
QLG (Quartz GL): Unknown
Mirror: Unknown
Dual Screen: No
All resolution avaiable: Yes

Audio Card Area (it's only for PCI/PCI-e/USB/Firewire/Other cards - on-board audio cards then described in the session on motherboard)
Audio Chipset:
Audio Patches: (What patches used)
Work Line In, Line Out, Mic:

Network Card Area (it's only for Wired/Wireless miniPCI/PCI/PCI-e - on-board network cards then described in the session on motherboard)
Interface: (miniPCI/PCI/PCI-e)
Standard (Wireless): (example: 801n)
Works without patches: (yes/no, if yes list patches used in next field)
Network Patches:

Other Devices (USB/FIREWIRE)
Type: Headset
Name: Logitech USB Headset
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product ID:65535
Vendor ID:
Works: Yes