Fire GL 5200 Mobility Driver

So I finally got that card to work under Leopard. Took some time, but I managed.
Credits go to LordUffa, he gabe the solution:

And the original post was by yhX link here:

So now I finally can give something back to the community from which I have been benefitting from.

Driver is for the Lenovo Thinkpad T60p with Fire GL 5200 Mobility card in it.
I figured out through google that this card is somewhat of a x1600

Followed the instructions, at lot of testing and now it works.

I am not sure if a second monitor works, couldn't test it.
Works with 1600x1200 Resolution. Reschange of Monitor worked, but 1024x800 gave a blackscreen.

Deivce ID ist: 0x71C4
Vendor: 1002

-Download files
-Backup ATIinject.kext and ATINDRV.kext in case something goes wrong or the driver doesn't work

for you
-copy kexts into /System/Library/Extensions Folder
-repair permissions
-delete kexkt cache

Hopefully everything will work.

Links: http://rapid$
Link: http://www.m e d i a f i r