Source: osx86project m.musashi

with P4 2.8c HT. Everything works fine drivers.SATA & Built in firewire and usb work, on board network works with the driver found here

To install:
open terminal
sudo -s (password)
cp -R (drag and drop the file and remove the / at the end) /System/Library/Extensions/

- supported cards: Marvell Gigabit Ethernet (88E8001), 3Com 3C940/3C940B
- possible cards: Belkin F5D5005, Linksys EG1032, D-Link DGE-530T (please let me know if any of these work)
- yukon2 cards (88E8021,22,35,...) are not supported; they are covered by appleyukon.kext from OSX10.4.5 onwards - no they will never be supported by this driver as the original skge was written specifically for yukon1 cards; I will not write a yukon2 driver because I don't have a yukon2 card to test on