First, let me apologize if I missed a faq or other thread that answers my question. I looked for a bit and looked at the HCL. No luck so far and Work comes early tomorrow.

Basically I would like anyone interested in helping to look at the hardware list below and tell me if there is any hope of running Leopard on it in the near future. Anyone who helps has my undying gratitude, so Thanks in advance!

Motherboard: Biostar TA790GX (Latest BIOS. Whatever that is!)
Graphics: Diamond HD 4850 w/512MB GDDR2
Sound: onboard, but will be buying a Creative X-FI Titanium PCI-e
NIC: Onboard
Optical drive: Samsung 22X SATA DVD-R/RW w/Lightscribe

Have I missed anything important? Thanks again for any help.


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