Hey everyone, I happen to work for a company that loans Intel CPUs out to its employees. Due to this I have been awarded a Gulftown i7-990x, of which I desperately would like to include in my first hackint0sh build. I have built home PCs before, so I know the basic requirements, but I am having trouble finding assured compatibility regarding all the parts.

Specifically, I am currently having problems identifying a motherboard that is most compatible with both the LSA 1366 socket type as well as a hackintosh build. Is there a way to determine this via the 'details' or 'specifications' of each product? Is there a list/database to compare to or is it basically 'use mobos that have been tried and tested'?

Also, excuse my ignorance (i have tried looking this stuff up!) but it would seem to me the largest issue regarding compatibility involves booting up and BIOS/EFI. Does this mean that motherboards are essentially the largest compatibility issue to overcome with a hackintosh? More importantly, which components of a pc MUST be hackintosh approved in order to run properly other than CPU/mobo and video card?