Yes, please (ahead of time) pardon me for being NEW. I am a musician/writer/producer (NOT famous my friends (*not in America) Unless you know OG old Punk Rock) I need to build a "Hackint0sh"! SPECIFICALLY to run, "Garage Band" and "Pro Tools 7.1". (Also need to access the internet and have some sort of "word" program) THAT IS ALL. I have built a few PC's (back in the day) And yes ALL my closest friends (and successful artist a few of them) laughed and hassled me (for years) about the nazi like excrement of PC's that I was using. I now understand, that it's ALL about "APPLE". (not just personally, but in "the bizness" dig?) So again, please forgive my ignorance and perhaps you can bear with and possibly help me? I assume on the west coast (San Francisco) that the store to go to, to by the parts would be "FRY'S Electronics"? Anyhoo, Again, I'm assuming that by only installing and running "PRO TOOLS" "GARAGE BAND" a "WORD" program (for writing I guess, just about anything. Lyrics, plays, films, letters and what have you) and WHATEVER program it takes to access the internet I will have all the (room) SPEED I need to make my world happen.dig? So, If ANYONE could help, you would be most appreciated. So, what do you think? Building from the bottom up all by my lonesome, ignorant self. Thanx, and if I wasted YOUR time by you having read this, so sorry, just trying to get this done. dig?