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Discuss About to order 2600k and Asus p8p67 for hackintosh at the Hardware -; Good idea? Wanted to go with sandy because it's cheaper and OC's better. i am ...
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    Default About to order 2600k and Asus p8p67 for hackintosh, cant utilize all cores ?

    Good idea? Wanted to go with sandy because it's cheaper and OC's better. i am going to be following this guide:

    Hackintosh i7 2600 - <Glazblog/>

    It's essential I get this thing to 5gz OC, I'll OC my 1600 gskill ram as well.
    I've done lots of reading and apparently this mobo is the best for OC'ing for the price, though I'm still skeptical because of gigabyte boards being great. I also heard it's best for hackintosh, apposed to the regular core i5 and i7s using the GA X58A UD5

    Anyways I need a case that can handle great cooling, maybe two non stock fans to add to the regular ones. Would I need an intense power supply?

    Any recommendations? And please let me know if you know any other better combinations for OSX and 2600k. I have also read that it may not utilize all cores, or at least it doesn't appear in activity monitor. I've also read that this is only for 32x systems.

    Also, please recommend a graphics/video card that would go well with my hackintosh build, in the $150 range.

    Thanks so much
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