Anyone have any luck getting this thing going with Leopard 10.5.1?

I seem to be edging closer but still nothing permanent.

I've got a Forza 265M 6200a agp in a socket 478 2.4 Ghz hackintosh.All running well except for the video out.

Heres what I've done:

Installed Halyway 10.5.1 with natit drivers

Installed Titan

Installed natit v.02 for dual display

Installed agpgart 2.2 with no success, was identified as an agp card now but no QE/Ce

Uninstalled agpgart and installed lite version of agpgart.

After reboot, plug in svideo, detect displays finds TV but blacks out monitor.

Uncheck box 'mirror' and monitor comes back on..TV is extended display, everything working and looking beautiful.(TV out seems way clearer and higher res than from Windows, very nice and easy to read, no flicker.)

Until I reboot!

Then its all gone, detect display flickers and thats about it ! Tried various res combos and nothing. was there and working fine with no crashes artifacts or anything

Anyone know a way to force the TV display? I remember some Matrox cards had that option in some of there drivers..Theres gotta be a way