Hi there.
Im a 3rd year design student looking at jumping into a film course at my uni when im done.
Ive done alot of editing on premiere but really should start practicing on final cut pro.

I currently have my desktop, a media computer, and a laptop.
As it is, if i upgrade my desktop parts ,ill have two builds that I could turn into a hackintosh for final cut pro.

I could use my current parts-
i5 760
12gb ddr3
[buy new gpu]


4gb ddr2
Ati 4870 1gb
Basically, im not that rich, should i use one of these systems and build a hackintosh
(if final cut pro would work reliably - doesnt have to be the newest, i hear its worse than the previous version)

-or should I just cut my losses and go an imac (even though at some point id have to fork out for a pro.