Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have gotten alot of good info from reading here. I have a problem that maybe some of the more experienced people can help with. My 30 pin connector broke on my 3G Iphone. I purchased a new one and installed it. I turned the phone back on and it worked, the only thing that didn't was my home button. I pulled it back apart and noticed one of the home button tabs were broke, I tried to straighten the other one and it broke also. I read on here about using a drop of solder on each one to make the connection. I did that and I can see where it is connecting the other board. Unfortunately I did the soldering the next day and I'm not sure if I shut the phone off. Now when I try and turn the phone on, it just shows the dead battery screen and won't charge. If I plug my apple usb cable into my Iphone and my computer, it shuts down all my usb's... tried a wall jack and nothing. I left it plugged in for 2 days and still the charge screen. I have tried to force a shut down or DFU mode and no luck...... Anybody have any ideas at all? Bad battery, did solder hurt contacts? any ideas or input are greatly appreciated