Device: iPhone 3G
Firmware: 3.1.2
Jailbreak tool: Redsn0w
Unlock tool: Factory Unlocked

I have been enjoying this device for 2 years. Couple weeks ago WIFI just stopped working (I was on a Skype call using wifi when it broke). It could not find any networks, and was constantly searching for a network when it was on. And the battery started to drain really fast. I tried the software restore but it did not help.

I took it to the service and we were going to change the wifi module of it. When we got it opened on the junctions legs of the wifi filter was broke, so we fixed that without changing the wifi module itself.

This fix solved the battery issue and also now when looking for a wifi network, it finds the ones available but doesn't join them, Before fixing the wifi filter the networks couldn't be found at all.

What would you advice? Should I change the wifi module for fixing this issue? Any other suggestions. BTW bluetooth is functioning, I was told that bluetooth and wifi has the same module, and this makes things even more complicated. Thanks for your replies.