This iPhone was dropped in the water.
I fixed it with pure Isopropilic Alcohol
and now its perfectly working.
Except the Wifi.

While i opened the Wifi i damaged the
connector to the RadioBoard of the
aerial white wifi cable.
It was damaged because the cable was split
from the litle metal thing that holds it
to the Board and makes the coneection.
Y inserted the cable inside the metal
again and press it.

The Wifi is working with Great Signal
while i am near, really near.
I i am at less than 15 cm it works great.
If i am more than 80 cm, to bad, low signal.
More tan 1 meter 50 cm. Almost dead.

Its working like that because of the cable?
Or because of the. it was dropped into
water and maybe the water dammaged the
Antenna Flex?
Service is working great. All In and Out