Ugh... My brother has a similar problem with his 1G iPhone about 3 weeks ago. He purchased his iPhone a week after they first came out, I got mine that Saturday prior to that. His phone was 2 days out of warranty, but the Apple person he talked to in Philly "let it go" and gave him a brand new iPhone to replace his non-functioning one.

Mine just started this weekend. There were no prior incidents with the phone. I went to type in something in Safari and the bottom row of the keypad don't work!

To me, it seems like it's in the area that sees the most use... And that is the "slide to unlock" area...

Has anyone had experience with Apple with a similar problem on a phone that is out of warranty by... 4 weeks? I am a legit AT&T customer, I'd like to grab a 3G phone on an upgrade without upgrading through AT&T... I wonder if the Apple store will help at all.