In my previous posts I wrote that my oob 1.1.2 iphone came DOA with wifi (greyed-out) and as a consequence a fast draining battery (matter of hours) which caused the phone's warm body at standby and charging.

So after an unsuccessful claim at warranty repair I decided to open the iphone and remove the wifi chip itself (as it is probably shorting the battery, and I didn't have much to lose btw). The chip couldn't be removed so I had to destroy it (with the can opener of swiss army knife and a small knife).

After the procedure the phone is working perfectly but of course without wifi. The battery lasts for at least two days with a lot of phone calls. It is at least the same as with my other fully functional iphone.

I hope I helped some people with the same problem.

Word of caution though, the procedure is relatively easy in theory but for detailed procedure please look at this blog (no ads or other crap). You'll find some good pictures of iphone's comm board there at least.