Hi folks.

Ok I tried to unlock the phone and a made some mistakes.

Everything works fine until I should connect the two points on the logical board. After the first few tries I still not worked and I had to leave. After I went back i restarted the phone (first error) because now the wifi didn't work anymore (know issue). After I tried to recover the wifi (which didn't worked) I planed to reset the phone over iTunes (second error). Because know the phone is in the status, that I have to reactivate the phone.

The big big problem is know, that I got the error
"The iPhone "iPhone" cannot be used with iTunes because the SIM card is not installed. You must insert your SIM card into your iPhone in order to activate it."

But the SIM card is in the phone. The phone just didn't find them. On the phone I got the error

"Repair Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls www.apple.com/support"

Has anyone a hint for me???
Is it possible to restore the complete iPhone without iTunes?

Thanks for your help
Shoggo, Switzerland