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Discuss Shorts out with screws in, Dead without them at the Hardware -; I have a weird problem with my iPhone 2g 8gb. Yesterday the phone screen lit ...
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    Default Shorts out with screws in, Dead without them

    I have a weird problem with my iPhone 2g 8gb. Yesterday the phone screen lit up like Hiroshima and then died. No response. NO DFU, NO Hard resent, nothing.

    Apple support said pay us money to tell you the phone needs to be replaced (less than excited about that.) So, I took the phone apart to see if there were loose wires or obvious exploded pieces. Everything looked OK. As I unscrewed the screws around the outside of the phone LCD benzel I noticed the phone had TURNED ON! I promptly go to work figuring out what had changed.

    Long story short: when I put in the bottom two LCD screws the phone does absolutely nothing; when I don't put the two screws in everything works fine. EXCEPT when I plug it into power without the bottom two screws connected the screen blows up again with either pink, yellow or white and everything shuts down except charging, even though there is literally nothing on the screen.

    I can start the phone up, use it fine with the screws out. Put the screw in and nudge it a little bit and the phone shorts out again.

    Sounds like something is clearly fried/shorting. Any suggestions on what I should be looking to replace? Thanks for any suggestions!


    UPDATE: Tonight I discovered that firewire works but USB doesn't. I haven't searched this yet. Any ideas?
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