Kinda long story but here goes:

I smashed my glass on the front of my iphone 3gs, I am sure I turned my phone off and replaced the glass and digitizer after reconnecting it all back together to my annoyance the screen would not turn on, after fiddling around reconnecting and disconnecting eventually the lcd connector fell off.

I ordered a complete lcd+digitizer+frame all in one pre-assembled and connected it all up, the screen would still not display, the phone is on as it vibrates and rings, however the screen is not displaying an image, the backlight works as when I press the top button it gets lighter then when I press again it gets darker however no image.

I have connected the phone to itunes but comes up stating I need to enter the pass code before using the phone on itunes, unfortunately I cant as I cant see screen, from what I have read it appears to need to be put in DFU to get it to recognize the new screen and then I can enter pass code, however I cant put it in DFU as I have tried holding top and home button, however I believe the lock isnt letting me.

I was thinking of attempting to put it in DFU with ziphone and then see if that works but am thinking the worst, any ideas guys???