I have quite a long story with me and my iPhone, and I don't know where else to turn since Apple won't provide me with a warranty service....

My story is like this:

I brought my iPhone in December, before Christmas. It was a week 46, which means at that time, OTB 1.1.2 -- Unable to be unlocked. In January, I didn't want to wait any longer, so I brought a really cheap NextSIM, hoping to unlock my phone. After about 446 tries to insert it correctly into my phone, I gave up, and the SIM tray was stuck. I got the tray out after a while, and I put it back into the phone, but the tray cannot eject anymore. Also, during that time, I somehow broke the screen as well. I am pretty sure the screen isn't physically damaged, but just that one of the cords are misaligned. The screen still shows an image, and everything is still working, just that it does not respond to my fingers. I am too scared to open up the phone myself, as I have no skill with electronics. I was hoping you could help me by opening my phone and replacing the SIM tray as well as finding the problem with the screen.

I live in Australia, but my phone is in the U.S. I sent it to my friend to take to the Apple store to attempt to get warranty, but they said that there is physical damage (probably the tray) and they could fix that for $250 under warranty, but since they could find 3rd party programs, I have already void my warranty (even though I have already restored my firmware, so there is no way they could have found that).

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Please help me out.