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Discuss Rebuilt iPhone wont start - Need help at the Hardware -; Hi y'all ! I rebuilt an iphone 3g 16gb from A to Z (well, almost ...
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    Default Rebuilt iPhone wont start - Need help

    Hi y'all !

    I rebuilt an iphone 3g 16gb from A to Z (well, almost : headphone jack, housing, glass+digitizer, battery & vibrator) and everything was working perfect when the volume button broke (glued chrome part fell apart), so I dissambled everything again and changed it. When reassembling everything I had a problem with the LCD, like if I had damaged the flex (flashing multicolored screen, digitizer working thought). I played with it a lot to see if I could make it work (it worked only when the flex was in a certain angle and flashed again when clipped in the housing).

    I stopped trying an bought a new lcd (which I havent received yet) but now it wont start at all and wont be recognized when plugged. I just dont know what happened !!! I know that the connector #6 is damaged (I dont know what it's used for though someone know!?), in fact its not the connector itself but its little plug on the mobo that I crushed by pressing too hard (its now hold by glue, but the phone was working with this connector damaged). I also know that the flex #3 is also damaged, but the only problem linked to it was that the proximity sensor didnt work and I didnt care. I didnt do anything else to make it stop working and I'm really desperate, I spent too much time (like 10 hours!) & money on making it back to life... If someones has and idea of something I could try I would really appreciate your help (I already tried resetting with hold&power btw). Thanks!
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