hello there..

My 3GS 32giga iPhone's GPS is not working anymore... this done probably by a lcd replacement and digitizer screen.
i am not sure because i jailbreak the iphone after the replacement , i was in 4.2.1 and goto 5.1.1 successfully with Absinthe 2.0.4
i made a set as new device and restore only my contact numbers nothing else...
my baseband now the 05.16.05
i tried to restore the phone (not jailbroken) to check GPS ... not working ... so the jailbreak it was not the case

i opened up and check the connector #6 to see if it was poped up. No it was in place..
I know that wifi , bluetoth, and gps uses the same antenna .. and wifi and bluetooth works flawless , so the antenna is OK...
The GPS chip is probably the problem ,, but i cannot find any way to check if it is a hardware problem or software..

I need to use the gps with my phone , so HELP ME Please !!!!!