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Discuss [Problem] Home button broken at the Hardware -; Hey there everyone, I have a really sticky situation here that i am not quite ...
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    Default [Problem] Home button broken

    Hey there everyone, I have a really sticky situation here that i am not quite to sure how to fix it myself.

    My iPhone 3g 16g (white) has been one of the most durable phones i have evrer owned. I have put this phone almost through everything. I have dropped it about 3 really good times, (let me iform you that i am really carefull with my electronics) i have washed my phone therefore it does have water damage, (the strip is pink on the bottom of the you know where, so it is confirmed for water damage) That means that i cant get apple to fix it under warranty which i would LOVE, but regardless this was about 9 months ago. So my phone has been working perfectly with some water in the lcd screen, i really didnt bother trying to take it apart and clean it. I figured since the phone worked, "why fix somehting if it already works" was my motto, AHAHHA. I might of forgotten to mention that when i washed the phone, i had washed it with an oil based solution. Its called "Orange-Sole" is the product that i used. The reason why i used that product is because i had put a vynl on the back part of the phone, but didnt realize that it had a really sticky adhesive, and nothing i had tried at the time worked to get the sticky adheisive off. I knew that this "Orange-Sole" product was really good, but i rushed the process. Instead off whiping the product with a cloth on to my phone and letting it sit, then whipping off the adhesive with a clean clotth damp with water. I was an idiot, and sprayed the product on the phone, waited a few seconds, and then ran the phone under my kitchen sink tap. I thought everything was okay until i started seeing my screen fill up with water. I managed to get most of the water out with opening up the phone. The reason why i had told you this story is so that you would understand my shitty situation here. Though that product was an oiled based product, upon the opening of my phone done a few days ago, there is NO COROSION at all!!!!..... so i got really lucky there. But when i had the phone opened one of the small tabs on the home button fell off. Therefore i now have an iphone with no home button.

    I do currently have the phone jailbroken on 3.0 and have sbsettings with a closs app addon, so i can use my phone 100%, but whats gonig to happen when i would want to update and jailbreak the phone again, i couldnt because of no home button, and then the phone would be useless.

    I would be gladly appreciated it if somebody could have a fix it yourself solution for me.

    I have no problems in opening up the phone and taking it apart.

    P.S The piece again that is missing is a really really small tab, (you can only see it when the phone is actually opened.) right where the home button connects there are 2 really small tabs.

    Someone please help
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