iīve searched around but couldnīt find an issue exactly like mine.

my iphone, while turned off, dropped in to the water for a couple of seconds a few weeks ago. i let it dry for a couple of days, and then turned it on.
it worked %100 except a really small blurry spot on the screen.

i was using the phone and it worked great but a week later while the charging didnīt work for some time. i connected it to the computer and then it charged fine.

another week passed, phone worked great, charging and everything.
then a couple of days ago when i came back to the phone after leaving it charging the screen was blank.

i canīt get the phone to power on since, i tried holding home and power button together, tried charging for a long time, tried switching chargers & outlets, nothing. screen stays blank. when i connect the phone to the computer its not recognized, its as if i didnt connect anything, no beep sound no nothing. itunes/ibrickr donīt recognize it either.

im currently on a trip and i guess i will take it to an apple store when i get to the states in a couple of weeks. i have no contract with at&t and actually use the phone in israel. i took a look at the water detector in the headphone jack and i think its still white.

does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks a bunch