i have a iphone which i have restored back to fw 1.0.2 using ibrickr, itunes would not allow me to restore my iphone to 1.0.2, kept getting errors(it was previously jailbroken and unlocked with fw 1.1.1), however i cannot activate it or unlock or jailbreak it as my screen no longer works, im stuck at the screen with "Activate Iphone" and "Slide for Emergency", but cannot do anything. My screen is stuffed. All other buttons work fine.

it is a week 38 iphone...dnt know if that makes a difference, but wat i want to know is if i restore to the initial firmware that the iphone came with, i think it is 1.0.2, then can i still send it back to apple?
btw i bought my iphone with a AT&T sim card, i unlocked unlock it for use in South Africa...does that make a difference?i read another thread where a guy asked to revirginise his iphone before he had to send it back to apple?

basically wat i want to know is, is there any way i can get this fixed under warranty, even though i have jailbroken and unlocked the iphone previously??it is sitting in a useless state with fw 1.0.2 waiting for me to activate the phone.

thanks for any responses!!