Hi guys,

I was chaging the screen on my iphone and i accidently short the small smd cap with the motherboard metal shield after that the phone would come on for 5 secs and go back off only when the charger was pluged in .otherwise the phone was as good as a brick . I then opened the phone up and made a solder jumper where the green resistor smd was and the phone is back to life the only problems is that the phone does not respond to usb at all; if i need to charge the phone i need to switch it off and leave it pluged in all night . when i plug in the charger nothing comes up on the screen im preety sure this can be fixed but im not exprienced in the iphone 3g . Hardware GURUS pls help me ..... i think its got some thing to do with IC LTC- 4088-2 .or probably power not being routed to this chip ?
here is a pic of the short
i also removed some smd components in error

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