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Discuss Iphone 3g trouble at the Hardware -; Hi, everyone, I've got a few questions regarding an Iphone 3g 16gb, the thing is ...
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    Default Iphone 3g trouble

    Hi, everyone,

    I've got a few questions regarding an Iphone 3g 16gb, the thing is as dead as can be, the battery won't charge, when i connect it to my pc it boots but is stuck on the apple logo, i can go in to the screen with the itunes logo but itunes doesn't see it, its not the usb cable or my pc because i can connect another iphone to it and it all works, i'm all out of ideas for the moment has any1 got a suggestion what to do next

    Thnx in advance

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    What happens if you plug directly into the charger and into a wall outlet? Does the phone ever charge? It could possibly be the charging circuit, but the phone would most likely still boot while connected to AC or to the computer -- so I'm not 100% that is your problem.

    That said, I know my iPhone 3G doesn't behave itself when the battery is extremely low -- I'll get green or yellow screens while it tries to boot, or I'll get a spinning logo at the Apple screen for as long as 30-45 minutes as it develops a base charge. The phone in question that I have is about 3 years old now, it was bought right when they came out -- so perhaps it's something with the voltage level in the battery?

    In any case. Plugging into the wall will help figure out what's going on, and if you've got the right tools, you can break open the phone and use a multimeter to track voltage from the dock connector and see if it's something simple in the case such as a broken solder joint or disconnected battery lead / charging board / etc.

    Never underestimate the benefit of actually taking the phone apart to look at things -- be careful of course, but looking alone can identify many problems that you wouldn't be able to determine otherwise through software.

    All that aside, if it's still under warranty, don't open it, bring it to Apple.
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