Dear all,

I bought a dead 3G. I don't know the failure - the sellers reason for selling it was, that he has tried to replace the back cover and after this the phone does not work and was completly dead.

So yesterday the 3G received and I dissamble the complete phone, visit all components clean the contacts and begun to assembe the phone again.

First start after been ready with assambling - no reaction.
Dissamble the LCD again, control and reconnect the ribbon-cables - yes - it work. Great. Battery is charging. Eveything is fine.

A little bit flickering LCD, but touch and sound is working great - arggh - keelocked (but this is not the problem yet).

At this moment I have not reinstalled the LCD to the back cover. After pressing the LCD into the back cover - no function again. Shit.

After reassambling / assambling the phone several times with more or less success (working/not working) I asks myself how to go on with an good strategy.

So here is my first question:

1) Does the 3G Logicboard is working rudimental with a connected dock-connector (Ribbon Nr.4). Must it be recognized from Itunes?

This is - from my point of view the most importent thing to know (minimal setup) to verifiy the funktionality, isn't?

If it will be recognized from Itunes I will try to provoke a failure. With a little bit luck only the dock connector is broken.

Please excuse my english - hope you understand it.

Regards and many thanks,

P.S.: I've got a lot of more questions - but I think it is better to go on step by step.