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Discuss iPhone 3G can't restore at the Hardware -; Hello all, Sorry for posting this in Hardware, as I am not sure if it ...
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    Default iPhone 3G can't restore

    Hello all,

    Sorry for posting this in Hardware, as I am not sure if it is a software or hardware problem.

    My sisters iPhone 3G recently quit working. I can't seem to figure it out. She says she did not drop it, pour water on it, etc etc. This iPhone was not jailbroken or anything. It was running the retail firmware from apple.

    The initial symptoms:
    -The iPhone would not charge with the USB or wall charger, so she decided to allow it to die then try charging it.
    -The iPhone will now (obviously) not power up unless plugged in
    -Initially, when trying to detect the iPhone with my PC (windows7 x64, all up to date), it did not. I read some forum posts and users said that if you restart with the iPhone plugged it, the PC will detect it. This worked, which resulted in the following...

    The initial attempt: iOS 4.2.1
    -When using iTunes to restore this OS, using the restore button, the process will begin (extract software, etc).
    -The iPhone will turn on, the apple logo will come up, then a loading symbol at the bottom of the screen will come up briefly, then the phone will turn off and I receive the message "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (36)."

    So then I tried holding the home button while iTunes prepared the iPhone for restore, which resulted in the iPhone beginning to restore. However, it failed around 60% progress bar completion (on the iPhone screen).

    Below, I have pasted the iPhone update logs as suggested by the sticky thread.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thank you
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    NSMachErrorDomain/e00002bc: write_image3_data: AppleImage3NORAccess returned an error when writing image3 object
    This suggests that your NOR is failing/has failed. It could be a communications error also, but strange it gets so far before failing if it is a comms error.

    Almost certainly this is hardware. If you still have extended warranty, use that. Otherwise you need to get this replaced via Apple's out of warranty program.
    I'm not sure any third party hardware repair place could fix this, they would need to copy the unique data that is stored in another part of your NOR chip to a good NOR chip. This unique data is encrypted and I don't know if it can actually be copied successfully.
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    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

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