im facing a problem with my baby iphone 2g!

so i had trouble before with it - but this time , i have no idea - what to do anymor..

so day before - i was just having quick call - i answered - lets say the conversation was max 3min !
phone was fully charged !

it switched off - i tried the famous combination of two buttons - NOTHING!!!

I GOT HOME - tried to charge it - and to connect with itunes - after 60 min i succed- phone was fully charged - i was happy so i fell asleep - i woke up

my baby - just black screan - no reaction - so still today after like 5 hrs - i did connect it with itunes but it doest recognize it - i tried ireb - but phone all the the is just black - no reaction - and that error 1601- i reallt tried with ireb and itunes that combination untill now like 10 times !!! NOTHING !!!

Please do somebody have hear more info ?