ok so I have an iPhone 2g that was past warranty. I ran into a problem with my volume down button one day where it was jammed.

Since I couldn't return it I decided to do some surgery. I first took off the antenna cover and then proceeded to take off the back aluminum cover. I was having some difficulties with it so I quit on it for a couple of hrs.

When I quit for those couple of hrs I left the iPhone without the antenna cover and it worked fine.
Later on that day I decided to give it another go after a while I was finally able to remove the aluminum cover off. I fixed the volume button closed the phone back up and inserted the sim card.

When I turned it back I noticed I wasn't getting any service or just very little. So I came to the conclusion that I must have messed something up.
Ok so there is to white cables on the left side of the phone bothe leading to the antenna. I know the longer one is for WiFi and Bluetooth and the shorter one is the cellular one. I also notice the orange circuitry sticker but I'm not sure as to how that works.

Now the cables to me look fine. The sticker I admit I bent it a little near the left side when trying to take off the aluminum case. The sticker is stil perfectly in place and the wifi and bluetooth seem to work fine. I have seen the wifi signal fluctuate every now and again as of late but it still works. Is there anyone who can help me? Also my phone is still on AT&T and software wise I haven't changed anything before or after I began to experience this problem.

Also if you might know another website where I could get help that would be helpful aswell.