I have already made the red jumper in order to turn on the iphone.
It can start into the menu screen with very low battery,
when the battery is charged into higher level, when i start the iphone, the screen flash with white and black ! .

But I can enter the DFU and recover mode using Home+power and hold home button whithout any problems, but i can't flash the new firmware, as it is restart the iphone in screen flash and result in 1605 error.

This issue is the same when I disconnect the white battery wire, I believe the white battery wire isn't connecting to the board somewhere ..(some whire wire circuit may be broken into open circuit)
can anyone tell me how to jump the white wire to the board easily and also, i have posted the screen slot to youtube.

Any idea which may help the issue, special thx !.
are there easier method to do the white jumper ! ???

Please visit the youtube to see what my iphone facing ..