So yea my mom recently got her iphone 3G
and long story short she drop it like 10-15 inches off the ground with case on

Now It sometimes does not get signal
Most of the time get FULL BARS , but can't call out whatsoever

I tested 3.0 , 3.0.1 , 3.1.2 custom ... all failed
I notice if i drop it again, it works but would randomly stop working.. still full bars but no calls out or in whatsoever or sometimes no bars lol

I am using T-Mobile via UltraSn0w unlock .. Please Help
The phone itself it still under warranty, but if i get it swap out.. it most likely be a 3.1 which it not unlock-able yet..

and if i get it "diagnosed" then warranty would be gone..

I got several mix opinions .. some say motherboard others say just the antenna is mess up ... some even say the sim reader ( but wouldn't that give me a sim card error?)

Since i can drop it 5 inch of the ground to get it working again, but slight movement of the phone like putting it on a table or something - would cause call out/in to stop working .. what could it be? ..

or could it just be a lose connector?..

Any Help would be greatly appreciated !