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Discuss [Dock connector or battery] Doesn't charge at the Hardware -; Hi, folks. I have some problem with the 1.1.1 OTB phone=) 1. It doesn't charge ...
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    Default [Dock connector or battery] Doesn't charge [Solved]

    Hi, folks. I have some problem with the 1.1.1 OTB phone=)
    1. It doesn't charge at all. nor from PC, nor from car charger...
    BTW screen brightness is changin for a second or so, when i connect dock..)) But that's all. And it don't appear at PC at all. (No "Apple USB device" appeared or smth).
    Edit: Dock cable is workin' just checked it with my iPod

    So, if you can, upload please these files (1.1.1 fw.):
    ApplePTPDevice (yeah thats the folder)
    ant all other files, which contain "USB" & "PTP(D)" in their names.
    i don't remember and i cant see it now, cuz iphone have 10% of battery

    Or post your ideas, please.
    Thaks for help.

    With iPod charger, from the 5th (of rebooting and pluggin) time i got it chargin', i erased settings (from preferences menu), iPhone just rebooted and all daemons and my programs crashed. I was trying to starrt installer, but no...
    at 3rd attempt i got my phone in DFU mode, and trying to restore. But iTunes didn't want to recognize it. So i plugged another iPhone, and whoohoo, iTunes found both))))
    i've restored it...
    I think that all was software-caused, cuz after restore it normally chargin from PC.
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