Alright, so heres the deal, bought an iphone at 1.0.2 and unlocked it via softrware. phone has been fine and survived updates up to 1.1.2. I was with a friend a few weeks ago and plugged my iphone into his car stereo dock connector (he had a nano that was working fine in it). When I plugged it in the phone asked me to put it in airplane mode, I pressed yes, and the screen went white with colored lines through it. Had to restart the phone to get it to respond. Everything apeard to be ok until the next day. The phone was on its charger all night and even though it thought it was charging it was not. The phone still worked fine, though throughout the day the battery contiuned to drop until it was totally dead. During this time, no matter if the phone was on or off, it was quite warm. My question is, what needs to be replaced. obviously I do not have AT&T so no warranty work. Measuring the battery I get 2.5v obviosuly not enough to run the phone and it will not charge at all. I am thinking comm board (I think the charging circuitry is in here) and the battery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

as a side note, is there anyway to manually charge a Litium-ion battery to see if I can get the thing to turn on again? thanks.