Hello Everyone, this is my first post in this comunity page so, hello everyone!!
well , i would wanna ask somewhere there in the world if anyone can help me identify the name of this chip/conector, because i had been looking a lot and i found the name of a lot of other pieces but not this one.
i would wanna know 'cause i would wanna fix my iphone 3g...

here r the pics , so the red square is the part that is broken,its under the accelerometer sensor,and the yellow square is the component that used to look the SAME as the piece that is on the red square, any idea whats the name and if i can repair it and solder it?

if u wonder whats happening with the phone...
the phone doesnt turns on, only turns on when i try the restore, but it will stay FOREVER with the apple logo and nothing else,its defenitly hardware issue,since that part its broken.

anyway, i hope theres some good geeky souls arrund there that can help me.