Hey, i have a problem with my iPhone 3G, i took it apart for my girlfriend to replace the battery of the phone, but she got moody because i took my time and was claiming i didn't know what i was doing. So i put the phone back together and now the bottom half of the screen is dead.

When i started taking the phone apart, i had some issues opening it, so i got a suction cup and opened it taking the first connector with it, but it looked ok so i didn't bother worrying about it. I disconnected the second connector easily but had an issue with the third one. Because i was trying to watch a video in silence due to she wanted to watch something else, i took the third connector out wrong and i may have broken the black clip that it connects to, i then lifted the white clip up after realizing what i'd done.

But when i put the phone back together, the strip fitted ok in the third connector so i'm not really sure whether that is or isn't the problem, i would take a picture but she won't let me have the phone to carry on fixing it. So with all honesty, i don't properly know the issue or what i've done wrong. Because after i put the phone back together, i had to walk her home.

Sorry if i haven't typed this out very well, but if you need anymore information just ask

Thank you