I recently bought a 3G with a broken screen & dim lcd knowing that I would have to buy a new digitizer & lcd (thats on its way from Hong Kong).
Here are the other issues that I've discovered:
- when I plug the 3G iPhone into a standard usb iPod charger it doesn't charge.
- I have difficulty getting my iMac or a pc to recognize the iPhone. I have to put it into DFU and EVENTUALLY it will get recognized and then it will begin to re-charge. Sometimes I have to diuscoonect & replug it several times before anything happens.
- if I turn it off at night & disconnect it, the battery is drained again in the morning. So I have to start over.

Is it worth trying to replace the usb/charger board? I've seen these for sale on eBay & local stores. Or is this a software issue?

And when I put a sim card into it, nothing happens. I go into settings and anything to do with the phone is greyed out. Is this a hardware issue or will paying to unlock it get arouind this?

I don't mind spending a few more $ and time to get the 3G going. However I'm just wondering if the combination of the above problems indicates that there are major issues and I should just cut my losses at this stage.

Thanks in advance for any help, advice & guidance.