The short story is I want to expand the flash drive in my iphone 3gs to a big old 500gb or even 1tb 3.5 hard drive. I obviously realise this won't physically fit inside the iPhone casing, so I'm happy to end up with a mass of ribbon cables and components, and can later make a nice case to fit everything in.

I've seen the iPod Super guide (, but its a fair few years old and for an iPod - which uses a hard drive rather than a flash drive. I'm surprised no-one has tried something similar, and have searched a lot for it, but haven't found anything.

Basically I have 500-600 CDs taking up space on my shelves, and while I've cherished and collected these for a decade or two, I'm now, after a few house moves, realising the hassle of storing, organizing and caring for all these CDs. I want to digitise them all is a very high/lossless format, back them up on a hard drive locked away in a safe or somewhere, and access the rest on a home media player or something. I have an old iPhone 3gs that is now beyond working as a phone, but still perfectly capable of playing music.

I don't want to have them all on my computer or a wireless hard drive as it seems a waste to have to have my computer on if I just want to listen to music. I can't seem to find any media hard drives with a screen or audio output. I also like the idea of having Spotify and YouTube just a click away hooked up to my stereo.

Any experience on this?