Hi all,

Just got myself an iPhone and after leaving the US I realized it has an issue with its accelerometers. Basically, while it is functional, the reading of the X accelerometer is 'way off'. As result, whenever I open an app that supports landscape mode, the screen will rotate and get stuck - there is no way to prevent it or revert it back to portrait mode.

My question is: is there an way to recalibrate the accelerometors on the phone's OS?

Information that might help:
. The accelerometer IS fully functional, it is just operating outside the expected range
. I read a post from someone that had the same issue and he said that it started working after a 'night of rest'. I left mine sitting on overnight and the readings from the X accelerometer when from resting at 89% to 42%. Good but still not enough to opperate the device properly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as returning the phone would be a rather complicated phone. Also, it seems like Apple will not give me any support because i have never activated the phone with AT&T.

Thank you all