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Discuss [1.1.1] Last "half" of battery discharges quicker? at the Hardware -; Hey All, recently go my iphone for xmas. It was 1.1.1 OOTB. I jailbroke with ...
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    Question [1.1.1] Last "half" of battery discharges quicker?

    Hey All,

    recently go my iphone for xmas. It was 1.1.1 OOTB. I jailbroke with and then unlocked using anySim 1.2u (i think that is what is called [i uninstalled right after])

    Ive installed a few apps and have ended up uninstalling all except those that were put on by the jailbreaking.
    The apps i've installed (& deleted) were services, SIMport, lightsout, but i don't think anything else.

    The last two charge cycles have resulted in what it seems are much shorter battery lives. The i think they were both about 2 & 1/2 days.
    Before the 2nd cycle i installed services to disable (wifi/bt/edge/ssh - just in case even though i didn't install ssh) to try to see if that would improve batt life.

    This cycle time i was paying attention to my usage (which i similar to the previous cycle) 7 batt life. Standby time was about 2.5 days and usage was about 10 hrs with <1 hr of that on the phone & remainder on ipod & minor browsing (wifi).
    Again it died on me in the middle of the day.

    The weird part was that at the beginning of the day, the phone had over "half" left on the battery meter at the top, but by lunch i had th <20% notice.

    Has anyone had experiences like this or have any insight?


    p.s. does anyone know if there is another way to check the battery life remaining/power other than that little icon at the top?

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    From what I've experienced (one 102 iphone that has been stolen and a 112 otb/111 iphone) My battery doesn't last long either. on standby, my iphone goes through 2.5 days and died when I'm still at school.

    on airplane mode with nothing playing (music), it does last most of the 10 days (250 hours) that apple stated

    On wifi and youtube? doesn't last 4 hrs

    what you'r experiencing is not unusual... and charge it whenever you can\

    PS. Yes, the battery drain is not linear

    Response to your last question: no there isn't unless you make an app for it

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