i got an iPod touch 3G (MC086FD) with 4.1 on it. it refuses all sort of JB attemps. just nothing happens.

limerain: looks like it works but never get the limerain icon on the springboard. after showing the message "exploiting" it closes in a second and says "done...", but apparently nothing happend.

with greenpoison it never gets recognized, allways showing the greyed out buttom in the lower left corner "waiting for DFU" even though it allready IS in DFU.

i tried different cables, usb ports, various restores from DFU before running next attempt, just nothing helps.

after all that i am thinking of going back to 3.1.2 and just using jailbreakme.com, but i am not sure if i have shsh on file and if i need them. i think it came with 4.0 from factory, so maybe no chance.

i am running windows 7 and iTunes latest version on my main pc, but also tried other pc and laptop as well.

jailbreaking my iPhone 4 workes like a charme.

any ideas?